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Laws of Seder & Pessah Checklist (2024)

PESAĤ CHECK LIST * Remove all Hametz products from the house. * Store any wanted Hametz, like alcohol, etc in a locked cupboard or in sealed boxes in the garage. * Sell the Hametz by filling out the “Sale of Hametz” form and forward to the Rabbi before Thursday, 18th April, 2024. * Buy [...]

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Laws and Customs of Pessah 5784 (2024)

LAWS & CUSTOMS OF PESSAH (Based on the teachings of the Reshon Letsion Hacham Mordechai Eliyahu) HAMETZ & MATZAH Pessah products: One shouldn’t buy any product for Passover without certification from a reputable and responsible rabbinical organization that it is kosher for Passover. Spices: Spices, if ground, should be bought only at places which [...]

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Rabbi’s Article on Pessah

There is no doubt that the central theme of Pessah is centered on the Pessah Seder.  When we recall and relive the exodus. We not only recall the story by reciting the Haggadah we also eat matza to relive the matza eaten by our ancestors  who left Egypt in haste without having time for [...]

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The Message of Pessah

FROM THE RABBI’S DESK Every year around this time we busy ourselves with the preparations of the most celebrated festival Pessah. This is indeed a most extraordinary phenomenon. In the spirit of the Haggada we will ask the question why is Pessah different from all other festivals.  What makes it so unique that even [...]

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Wise is the Praiseworthy Man

WISE IS THE PRAISEWORTHY MAN It is amazing to note that no matter how wise we may be no matter how learned or well versed we may be in Jewish history, law, philosophy and mysticism, you could be a world authority on halacha or kabbala you together with every other Jew on Pesach night [...]

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