* Remove all Hametz products from the house.
* Store any wanted Hametz, like alcohol, etc in a locked cupboard or in sealed boxes in the garage.
* Sell the Hametz by filling out the “Sale of Hametz” form and forward to the Rabbi before Thursday, 18th April, 2024.
* Buy only Kosher for Pesah products endorsed by a reliable Kashrut Authority.
* Use only designated Pesah utensils or Kashered for Pesah ones (ask Rabbi)
* Properly kosher your kitchen (ask Rabbi)
* Your house should be Hametz free and checked for Hametz at nightfall Monday, 21st April.
* Cease to eat Hametz on Monday, 22nd April by 9:38 am.
* Dispose or burn the Hametz on Monday, 22nd April by 10:45 am.
* Prepare the Seder plate including shank bone, eggs, haroset (halek), celery, two portions of Marror and 3 Matzot, salt water, and wine.

* Red wine should be used for the four cups. Wine is preferable to grape juice although grape juice is totally acceptable. One can mix wine and grape juice.
* The cup used for the four cups should hold a minimum of 86 mLs. In the first instance the whole cup should be drunk. If that is difficult the whole cup should be drunk for the first and fourth cup and the majority of the cup for the second and third. If that is still difficult the majority of the cup instead of the whole cup should be drunk for all four cups. We should drink all four cups reclining to the left.
* The matzah that should be used for the Seder should preferably be handmade Shmurah matzah. If that is not possible machine made shmurah matzah is preferred. If that too is not possible then regular kosher for Pesah matzah is acceptable providing it clearly states kosher for Pesah with a recognized Rabbinical endorsement. Please note that matzah is produced year-round and some of them are not kosher for Pesah.
* At the Seder we eat matzah at three distinct times:
When we say Hamotzi
The Hillel Sandwich
The afikoman at the end of the meal before grace after meals.
* The minimum measurements required to eat in order to properly fulfill the mitzvah is as follows:
* For Hamotzi each participant should eat two pieces of matzah weighing no less than 20 grams each, one from the top matzah and one from the middle. For handmade matzah this equals approximately half a matzah in total. Each portion being little over one quarter of a matzah. For machine matzah this equals a matzah in total. Each portion equaling half of a matzah.
* If this is difficult then the head of the household should do the above and everyone else can eat at least one portion only i.e. hand matzah = a little over ¼ matzah, machine = ½ matzah.
* For Hillel Sandwich we use one portion of matzah only i.e. 20 grams, which equals little over one quarter hand matzah and half machine matzah and one portion marror.
* MARROR: Romaine or cos lettuce should be soaked and cleansed thoroughly from bugs. The minimum measure for marror is 28 grams which equals one very big leaf or 2 medium leaves.
* We eat marror twice. Once as marror and once with a Hillel Sandwich using the same measurements.
* Each time we eat marror we dip it slightly in Haroset or Halek and shake off the Halek in order for it to taste bitter. It is not appropriate to drown out the bitter taste of the marror with the sweet flavor of Halek. Halek is only a reminder of the mortar.
* Afikoman eaten at the end of the meal to commemorate the paschal lamb follows the exact guidelines as for the Hamotzi. All the matzah obligations must be eaten reclining to the left. No food or drink should be consumed after the afikoman except the last two cups of wine. Water may be drunk if necessary.
* We must recline to the left every time we drink the four cups, eat the matzah, the Hillel Sandwich and the Afikoman. We do not recline when eating the Marror.
* For karpas we eat a small piece of celery less than 19 grams.
* Some eat the egg (which commemorates the festival sacrifice) at the beginning of the meal. Iraqi Jews eat it after the karpas. If eaten before the meal less than 19 gms should be eaten no more than
approximately one fifth of an egg. One should still have another egg present on the Seder plate for the duration of the Haggadah until the meal. Some eat the egg at the beginning of the meal.
* The Haggadah must be recited and the basic story line of exile, miracles and redemption must be understood and articulated.
* Enjoy a festival meal but don’t over eat as we must finish the meal with a portion of 20 grams of matza called Afikoman eaten leaning to the left.
For any enquiries don’t hesitate to call the Rabbi on 0425 232 692.
Have a Happy and Kosher Pesach!