historyThe Sephardi Synagogue was consecrated in 1962 and is the oldest Sephardi house of prayer in Australia. It was established by the NSW Association of Sephardim, an organisation that functions as an advocate for Jews in Australia of Spanish, Middle Eastern North African and Asian backgrounds, promoting the observance of Sephardi liturgy and the preservation of time-honoured traditions, as a constituent of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. In its early years, the Association was particular active in assisting Sephardim wishing to migrate to Australia.

This beautiful Synagogue has proudly functioned continuously since its inception, helping to preserve our traditions and to provide for all our religious needs, including a mikvah for men and utensils. It is open for religious services, morning and evening, with members of all levels of observance attending, and a venue for Barmitvahs and weddings.

It regularly provides impressive Kiddushim following Shabbat morning services, when congregants and visitors have the opportunity to socialise informally with one another, and a program for children during the service. The Synagogue also organises frequent social and cultural events, Shiurim conducted by Rabbi Michael Chriqui, and special functions to celebrate many of the festivals across the Jewish year. Visitors are always welcome to attend, whatever their background.

The hall adjacent to the Synagogue is available for hire. Please contact the Synagogue Office on (02) 9389 3982 to discuss your needs, attendance, and membership.

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